A.M Schedule

Time Activity
6:30- 8:15Open Center Exploration
8:15 – 8:30Clean Up, Bathroom Break, Hand washing
8:30-9:00Break Fast Time
9:00-9:30Literary Exploration
Students will begin their academic day with a themed story telling which will be concluded with a dictation question to apply new comprehension skills.
9:30- 10:00Dramatic Play
Utilizes Socio-Emotional Developmental Tools to increase cognitive awareness.
10:00-10:30Circle Time
Review of Colors, Shapes, Alphabet Awareness and introduction of Weekly Theme
Students will utilize and explore various manipulatives to identify various key concepts of Math pending on their weekly theme.
11:00-11:30Out Side Time
Students will refine their gross motor skills in an organized Physical Education based activity followed by 15 minutes of open play.
Children will complete a themed art project composed of various mediums.
11:50- 12:00Lunch Time Preparation
Bathroom Break, Hand Washing, Pulling out the supplies for their lunch.
12:40-1:00Lunch Time Clean up and Nap time Set up
1:00-1:15Bathroom Breaks, Hand washing
1:15-3:00Nap Time


P.M Schedule

3:00-3:45Wake Up Time
Afternoon Snack, Bathroom Breaks, Hand washing, Cot Clean Up
3:45- 4:00Outside Time 2
4:00- 4:30Science
Students will use open ended experiments to create conclusions pertaining to concepts, theories and scientific laws.
Students will exercise their fine motor skills while reaffirming their comprehension of alphabet awareness, shapes, and numbers.
5:00-6:30Quiet Center Exploration and Dismissal